How to Use This Site does not include any patterns. All that is provided is a service to find the crochet beauty that is out there already. Links are provided to those patterns which I’ve featured.

The links are obvious and look like this:


Click on the word “HERE” and you will go to the website source for the pattern.

Note that I will never link to any free patterns which are obvious copyright violations. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the pattern, if the site is scanning images from a magazine or book or illegally putting up non-free patterns as free, they won’t be featured here. Likewise, you won’t find any patterns which make use of trademarked characters without obvious permission from the trademark owner.

How To Become Pattern Savvy

The links to patterns are all from different sites so they have to be handled differently for each one. If the pattern is a download only, there are some sites that I trust automatically. There are download buttons, for instance, on Red Heart, Yarnspirations, Ravelry and the Annie’s Attic free sites. They are obvious download buttons.

For all others, I just hover over the link. If it goes to a PDF, then I usually consider it safe. Some ads give the impression that it’s a pattern link when it’s not so hovering first is always wise. You should really be doing this for ANY site, not just when you’re looking for free patterns.

Some sites don’t offer a PDF download but they will have a green Print Friendly button. It looks like this:


You can use the Print Friendly button to make the PDF yourself. It’s very handy. You can change the font size, remove extraneous text and remove extraneous images before creating the PDF.

If there is no Print Friendly button, I encourage you to put the Print Friendly bookmarklet in your toolbar of your internet browser. Visit Once installed, you just click it to make the PDF. It allows you to create a PDF of any website you are visiting. Once you’ve used it a couple of times, your life will be changed forever.

I have copy/pasted into Word docs before, but I’ve fallen completely in love with the simple click to PDF of Print Friendly. I use it all the time, even for things that aren’t crochet patterns (i.e. recipes).

Bad Links

Even though I have a Link Checker installed, it doesn’t always catch everything. A pattern that is free today could be changed to non-free tomorrow. The website owner could decide to remove their site or the pattern. There are any number of things that can change.

If you see a pattern you like and you want to save it, please consider printing or converting to PDF. Just bookmarking in your browser, pinning or favorite-ing on Ravelry won’t retain the pattern. It will save the link for you, but if the pattern is gone, it’s gone. Note that Ravelry favorite-ing is different than the “add to library” feature. Just favorite-ing will not guarantee you have the pattern if it’s removed. Adding to library will retain it in your library even if the pattern is removed (unless Ravelry owners must remove the pattern for some other reason).

Please feel free to email me should you run across a bad link so that I can either find a good link or I can remove the featured pattern.


I have both the Print Friendly bookmarklet and the Pin It bookmarklet on my browser tool bar. When I PDF a pattern and save it to my hard drive or other external storage, I pin it to a folder on Pinterest. Pinterest is, after all, just a means to bookmark the websites you like. By pinning as well as PDFing, it serves different purposes.

1) I have the PDF and don’t have to worry about it.

2) My folder on Pinterest will indicate to me where I have the pattern stored.

3) I can browse my saved patterns easily by viewing them on Pinterest by looking at the PHOTOS instead of the words. So much better.

4) If I ever lose the hard drive or other device, I can go straight to Pinterest and I’ll have all the links handy if I want to PDF them again.

Enjoy the free crochet patterns!