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Free Crochet Pattern: Aran Hearts Throw

If you need a wedding or anniversary gift, or just want someone to know how special they are on Valentine’s Day or their birthday, this beautiful throw is the perfect choice.

I’ve admired Bonnie Barker’s work for a long time. Her crochet cabling and braid work is absolutely incredible. My favorite book authored by Bonnie is Contemporary Celtic Crochet, published in 2014. She has a new one, just introduced by Interweave in 2016 called Celtic Cable Crochet. I love that I can introduce you to some of Bonnie’s work because once you try this beautiful cabling, you’ll certainly want more of it.

Although this project has the appearance of being working in individual strips, it’s actually worked in one piece. Concentrate on the stitch pattern for each section, one at a time, so you won’t get overwhelmed. One of the more complicated stitch patterns is demonstrated on video at the page below for additional assistance.

This is the first time I’ve seen a single crochet popcorn stitch. It’s just brilliant for those times you don’t want something as tall as a double crochet. The popcorn hearts that you see in the blanket look so perfectly placed because Bonnie used these short stitches. Thank you to Bonnie for introducing me to an awesome new-to-me stitch!

Pick up your free crochet pattern download at Red Heart Yarns HERE.

Catch up with Bonnie on Facebook here or check out her Ravelry page here.


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