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Free Crochet Pattern: Art 'N Soul Scrappy Scarf

Are you looking for something unique for gifts this year? How about something one-of-a-kind? I fell in love with this scarf from Kirsten Holloway from the moment I saw it.

The scarf is fantastic and looks like something that would fit perfectly in those high end specialty shops where I can’t afford a thing. That boho look appeals to so many right now that I may not want to stop at a scarf. I may want to make a shawl as well. Oh, a throw for my sofa! Yum!

Okay, let’s get back to work. The first thing you’ll be making is just a mesh. It’s a super simple background of rows of plain double crochet. That’s what makes this project perfect for everyone. It’s just double crochet.

And, what’s the official motto of this website? Never underestimate the power of embellishment. Everything else you see is pure embellishment gorgeousness. You weave textured, bumpy yarn through the stitches. You do some surface stitches in fun curls and waves. You let the yarn ends hang off the edges in long, soft fringe. You make some flowers and attach them in random places. Kirsten definitely wins the internet today!

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Kirsten Holloway Designs HERE.

Follow Kirsten on Facebook HERE and visit her Ravelry designer page HERE.


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