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Free Crochet Pattern: Blue Rose Doily

Originally published in the March 2003 issue of Crochet! magazine, the publisher has now made this beauty available free to download on their free patterns website.

This Blue Rose Doily was designed by Rosanne Kropp in size 10 thread. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to try out a bit of Irish crochet.

If you’re intimidated by the very fine weight of size 10 mercerized cotton, give it a try with size 5 or even bigger, size 3. Maybe even try double stranding size 10.

If you aren’t interested in a doily, try using the circle for other things. Be creative! There are lots of circular things. The most popular right now are circular vests. Imagine how gorgeous if you were to carry out the flowers, vines and leaves. So fun!

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