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Free Crochet Pattern: C2C Diagonal Lace Afghan

I know how much you all love the C2C afghan. Many of you don’t realize that C2C (corner-to-corner) isn’t a stitch pattern; it’s a direction of work. The stitch pattern you see so much is the crazy stitch, also sometimes called box stitch or block stitch or any number of other stitch names. You simply work diagonally from one corner to the other corner.

You can actually do that with a lot of different stitch patterns. The crazy stitch is just the one so popular on the internet right now and it’s been around for decades.

With so many people using this stitch pattern, I know some of you must be getting tired of doing the same thing all the time, right? How about the same only a little different?

The Diagonal Lace Afghan by Diane Poellot was originally published in Crochet to Go magazine in October of 1997. I think Brenda Stratton was the editor of this one for awhile. Eventually, all of the Annie’s Attic/DRG magazines were merged into Crochet World. It’s just lovely that the publisher has now made some of these patterns available again.

If you are already familiar with the crazy stitch C2C, you should be able to pick this up immediately and you’ll be able to adjust it to how you desire. For instance, you could easily make the square larger. You can also increase on one side while decreasing on the other after you get to the width you want in order to make it a rectangle. Try it out with some of the new gradient or striping yarns!

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