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Free Crochet Pattern: Calleigh's Clips Baby Blanket

I know the internet has gone wild over Corner-to-Corner (C2C) diagonal box stitch projects. And, I don’t know who first came up with using the stitch pattern for graph colorwork, but I was in love with it the moment I saw it too!

Of course, we all know that corner-to-corner is just the direction of work. There are lots and lots of different stitch patterns that can be used to work something from one corner to the other, so we have to be specific.

This particular baby blanket is diagonal box stitch, worked from one corner to the other. It’s slightly different, though. Instead of double crochets, you will use half double crochets. Elisabeth has called it Mini C2C, which is a super cute name for it!

Now, while Elisabeth has used the “Mini C2C” in order to keep her squares smaller, making them better suited for the size of a baby blanket, that doesn’t mean that you are bound by that.

You could use double crochet for larger squares, if you wanted a bigger blanket. You could duplicate some of the charts in Elisabeth’s blanket. You could alternate the squares with some solid squares. You could use the charts for something completely different by working them in single crochet or Tunisian crochet or double crochet.

I recently wrote about nine different ways you can use colorwork charts in crochet, so you don’t really have a limit. Pick the one you like the best.

Elisabeth has released four squares so far. There are still five more to go, so be sure to check back with her!

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Calleigh’s Clips HERE.

Catch up with Elisabeth on her Ravelry page here or on her Facebook page HERE.


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