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Free Crochet Pattern: Celestial Cowl

Did you ever pick up a really pretty, unique ball of yarn and decide that it must come home with you? Usually, I’ll pick up only one because I still don’t know what I will be making. I just want to take home the pretty and let it live in my nice, warm house with me. Carolyn Calderon of The Purple Poncho has just the pattern for you!

Free Crochet Pattern: Celestial Cowl in Red Heart Stellar

Meet my next pretty yarn, Stellar from Red Heart Yarns. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s definitely one of those yarns that I will rescue from the cold store shelf. I will be taking it home and trying to make something with it right away. I don’t have to guess about it anymore, though.

Carolyn has designed and written a super easy pattern specifically for this yarn that lets all its beauty shine on its own. With a yarn like this, you need a pattern that will do all the work for you and in just a few short hours, you have an amazing accessory to gift or wear yourself.

Of course, if you happen to have rescued two skeins of this yarn from the shelf, Carolyn has you covered for that probability as well. Follow the links on her site for a pattern for a matching ear warmer.

Pick up your free crochet pattern at The Purple Poncho HERE.

Catch up with Carolyn on her Ravelry page here or on Facebook HERE.


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