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Free Crochet Pattern: Green Gradient Cowl

Writing for this website has introduced me to lots of different creative looks and effects. When you compare the crochet patterns to what’s on the market as ready-to-wear, the dominant feature is color, color, color. Don’t be intimidated by it!

This recent design from Jessie Rayot of Jessie at Home is in a simple, easily memorized stitch pattern. You may know it as moss stitch or linen stitch. And, as you can see, the use of color is what makes this project go to an extraordinary level.

If you find yourself intimidated by making lots of color choices, why not let Premier Yarns do that for you? No, I’m not talking about the color cakes. With Premier’s DIY Gradient box, you can actually decide on your own when you want to start and stop the color changes. No more changing color in the center of the round, if you don’t want it. You simply change color when you like. You get all the different colors you want and the control you crave.

Make It Crochet: Premier Yarns DIY Gradient Yarn Box

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Jessie At Home HERE.

Visit Jessie on her Facebook page HERE or her Ravelry page HERE.


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