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Free Crochet Pattern: Huggy Bunny

With Easter right around the corner, I’m seeing a lot of cute project photos posted in my Facebook group of stuffed animals, especially the obvious: Bunnies! By far, this project is my favorite. It’s by Corina Gray of Stitch11 and it’s so squishy.

Corina designs a lot of things for her adorable little daughter and this is one of them. She wanted a BIG bunny, not the small bunnies, but B-I-G! Corina pulled out the “big guns” and grabbed the super bulky Bernat Baby Blanket yarn for this fabulous bunny which measures 15 inches. I would say that’s just the perfect size for warm squishy hugs.

Buy Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Here

Buy Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn Here

This project takes about 260 yards and you can have it finished in just a few hours. Bernat Baby Blanket yarn is also now available in big balls of 256 yards. You should be able to make a Huggy Bunny with just one of the big balls, I think.

Free Crochet Pattern: Huggy Bunny

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Stitch11 HERE.

Visit Corina on her Facebook page HERE or her Ravelry page HERE.

Special thanks to the Ravelry members who gave me permission to share their project photos! cristabelle98, crabbybabby, and GammaJ.


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