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During the spring and summer, I wear tank tops all the time. Tank tops, shorts and flip flops: it’s my official wardrobe. I’m usually at home all the time. I previously worked for lawyers in an office setting for nearly 20 years in business jackets, skirts and heels. I am purposely “rebelling” now that I can stay at home. When I go somewhere to shop or whatever, I just pull on a lace top over my tank top. I like easy care. 🙂

This gorgeous lace top from Dora Ohrensein is positively perfect for my wardrobe. I love that it’s thin and drapey, made with cotton thread. I especially love those fly-away butterfly short sleeves. Comfort and beauty in one perfect package.

I’m sure you’ll find the construction of this garment fascinating. It’s made in two pieces and is worked vertically instead of the more common horizontal. The only sewing is at the sides.

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