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Free Crochet Pattern Link Blast: Womens Cardigans

With the warm weather approaching and the chill in office buildings from air conditioning, I thought it would be the perfect time to find some cardigan patterns suitable for layering. Here are 15 free crochet patterns for women’s cardigans (free at the time of posting). I hope you like them!

If you are loving these Link Blasts, don’t forget that I’ve started a Pinterest Board to keep track of them HERE.


1. Filigree Cardigan by Kimberly McAlindin for Red Heart Yarns

2. Turnberry Cardigan from Drew Emborsky for Caron Yarns

3. Trendy Cabled Cardi by Drew Emborsky(requires log in)

4. Sally’s Best Friend Cardigan by Jenny King

5. Cape Sleeved Cardi by Kim Guzman

6. Anywhere Short-Sleeved Cardi by Lorna Miser for Yarnspirations

Not Shown:

7. Ribbon Trimmed Jacket by Kim Guzman for Caron Yarns

8. Manhattan Cardigan by Julie Farmer for Red Heart Yarns

9. Rib Stitch Cardigan by Kim Guzman

10. Peek A Boo Button Wrap from Miss Neriss

11. Ariane by Peggy Grand

12. Spring Cardi from KT and the Squid

13. Hot Chili Shawl Cardigan from Heidi Walsh

14. Chevron Lace Cardigan by Milobo

15. Veranda Cardi from Crochetvolution


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