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Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Free Crochet Pattern: Maxi Skirt

When Jane Green named her website “Beautiful Crochet Stuff”, she wasn’t joking. Here is another outstanding design from Jane that I know you will love.

As with her other designs, she provides one size which can be altered to make other sizes. Pay close attention to the square motif size when making this garment. The entire project will hinge on the size of your motifs. Plan ahead. Try one motif first and measure it.

You can either duplicate it and add motifs until you reach the size you need. Or, you can make the motif and add or remove rows until the number of motifs will match the size you need. This would be the easiest way. The motifs look to be about four inches or so across and you will just change the motif size or change the number of motifs. Easy!

Once you have the right circumference for you, it will just be a matter of adding the filler stitch pattern to the remainder.

Jane has used a microfiber for this skirt. Microfiber has the look of cotton except that it’s lighter than cotton. Unfortunately, microfiber is difficult to find in the US. Well, it’s difficult to find anywhere, to be honest. It’s obviously perfect for this skirt since it would be lighter than cotton. I was able to find an online source which ships worldwide, if you would like to try it out. Try YarnStreet HERE to check it out.

On the other hand, if you would like to try cotton since it’s more readily available, it’s not so easy to find a substitute. Like I said, microfiber is lighter than cotton so there would be more yardage per unit. Never having seen Alize Forever in person, it makes it even more difficult. The closest I could find is Omega Armonia. You can have a look at it HERE.

Yes, this gorgeous garment will take some extra effort on your part but, when you have something so incredibly amazing like this Maxi Skirt as the reward, then it’s all worth it!

You can pick up your free pattern from Beautiful Crochet Stuff HERE.


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