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Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Free Crochet Pattern: Not Granny's Barefoot Sandals

Just really quickly, I want to apologize for not being able to send a daily dose of crochet beauty to you for a couple of weeks. I got very sick after teaching at the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester, New Hampshire at the end of July and I’m just now feeling a bit better, at least well enough to be able to find some daily crochet beauty. 🙂

From the moment I saw these Gladiator Barefoot Sandals, I was in love! I was always a huge fan of the sexy string wraps of espadrille sandals. I believe they were popular in the 80s. I couldn’t wear them, of course. Well, *naturally*! LOL My ankles are too weak to wear wedge heels. So, being a child of the 80s, I was so drawn to these Gladiator Sandals because they’re perfect. They’re everything sexy that I remember about the sandals I loved and they don’t have that blasted wedge heel! Woot!

Add to all this goodness that I loathe wearing shoes and go barefoot all the time and you’ve got a winning combination. I probably won’t ever be finding a place to wear something like this. I don’t go many places and I’m at least two days away from a beach. But, I see absolutely no reason why I can’t flit around the house like a beach fairy. ha!

Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Free Crochet Pattern: Not Granny's Barefoot Sandals

If the Gladiator Barefoot Sandals are just a bit too much for you, Celina has also released this Sassy version. Celina has graciously made both of these patterns available for free on her website.

Gladiator Barefoot Sandal HERE

Sassy Barefoot Sandal HERE

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Omega Cotton Thread #10 - Lime

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