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Have you ever been browsing through crochet patterns and there’s one that just makes you stop everything and click through because you simply *must* know more right this minute? This is one of those times.

What do I love about this design? First and foremost, it’s just a rectangle with holes for the arms. How hard can that be? Next, the stitch pattern is unique, classy and fabulously easy.

Take a look at that stitch pattern. I’ve done this before, except I’ve used single crochet. You flip back and forth between going under the front loop and then the back loop throughout. The fabric you get is wonderfully drapey because you’re working under one loop throughout but because of alternating the loops, you get this awesome, subtle texture.

You may already be thinking about what yarns you have in your stash before you even get finished reading my post. I know I am!

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Miss Neriss HERE.

Do you need help in learning how to print or convert patterns to PDF? Please visit my blog post HERE for tips on learning to print all the things.



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