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Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Free Crochet Pattern: Pencil Case

I was looking for some cool back-to-school items and happened upon this Pencil Case from Kara of Petals to Picots. This is truly a beautiful thing, most importantly because you are upcycling something you would ordinarily throw out. And, you can use small balls of scrap yarn as well. Of course, you and I both know that this isn’t *really* for pencils. It’s for crochet hooks! hahaha!

You could get more fancy and use a sturdier inside like perhaps PVC pipe or something. Someone mentioned on the page that using wrapping paper rolls might be sturdier than paper towel rolls.

Kara has graciously made this adorable pattern free on her website HERE.

Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Ladies Booties

While I was visiting Petals to Picots, I also took a quick peek at her etsy shop. While I understand that everyone loves free patterns, there are also some incredible paid patterns on the internet as well, things you may miss if you are only seeking free ones.

These Ladies Booties are my favorite pattern in her etsy shop and you can find the pattern for sale HERE.


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