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Free Crochet Pattern: Pop! Geometric Baby Blanket

Let the yarn do the heavy lifting for you in this terrific design!

Here’s an awesome blanket, perfect for the contemporary new mom. This project has more of non-traditional and non-conventional feel to it that is so appealing. I could easily see this blanket displayed on a wall as art as well.

Brittany used Bernat Pop! for this project and it’s absolutely the perfect use for the gradient style cake yarns. You’ll be making squares in diagonal box stitch. This has also been called diagonal brick stitch and crazy stitch, among others, over the years. Although corner-to-corner (C2C) is only a direction of work, it too has now become the name of this stitch pattern in most internet circles.

Although the pattern looks difficult and appears to have a lot of color changing, it’s really super easy! The yarn is actually doing all that extra work for you. When you visit the site, it’s so quick that you might even miss the instructions. Scroll through carefully and you’ll see them. Brittany has even made a video for you.

Click HERE to pick up your free crochet pattern

Visit Brittany on Facebook HERE or on her Ravelry page HERE.

Visit Yarn Supply HERE to find Bernat Pop! yarn. It looks like they currently have the same colorway in stock as well.


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