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Tunisian crochet is nothing more than single crochet on an assembly line.

The weather this week has been miserable in central Arkansas. 94% humidity today and 100 degrees all week. Yowzah! The heat of the summer can really destroy the desire to crochet. You don’t have to put away your hooks for the summer, though. Try some small cotton projects and you can even have a supply of quick gifts, ready for holiday gifting at the end of the year!

The summer is also a great opportunity to try something new and so many of you haven’t yet tried Tunisian crochet. These adorable washcloths from My Poppet are here to your summer time rescue!

I have written over two dozen books on Tunisian crochet and I still feel like so many of you are intimidated by it. Please don’t be scared. It’s just single crochet! Have a look. What are the steps of single crochet?

  • Insert hook, yarn over, pull loop through.
  • Yarn over, pull through two loops.

For single crochet, you do these two steps over and over, one after the other. With Tunisian crochet, you do the first step all the way across, then the second step all the way across. It couldn’t be easier! I’ll post a couple of videos below the pattern link so you can see it in action. (Left-handed videos available HERE.)

Pick up your free crochet pattern at My Poppet HERE.


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