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Free Crochet Pattern: Rich Treasure Throw

With just over a week remaining before Christmas Day, you don’t have much time remaining. If you still have a gift to make or you want a new throw draped over your sofa, you may be able to get it with this pattern!

This throw is made of squares which are only THREE ROUNDS! Once you finish them, you’ll join them with crochet slip stitch instead of seaming with a needle. Two rounds of border and you’ve got an afghan, ready for gifting or decorating.

The squares include a little peppermint swirl look in the center. This is made by first making one color of the swirls and then coming back and making the other color in the spaces. Very clever, but I expect nothing but clever from someone who has been designing for us for so long. You can always expect a professional design and well-written pattern from a pro like Glenda Winkleman.

The trick to getting this afghan finished in record time is the use of Red Heart Light ‘N Lofty, a size 6 super bulky, with a size P crochet hook. You’ll love watching it work up so quickly.

Pick up your free crochet pattern download at Red Heart Yarns HERE.


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