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Free Crochet Pattern: Rockskipper Wristers

I know there are some gifts you want to make and you’re running out of time. Did you procrastinate too long? Here is a fabulous pattern from Carol Rupprecht which can be stitched up so quickly that you can impress your holiday guests by making lots and lots!

So, let’s get to the pattern. This is an easy and quick stitch pattern. Up at the top of the pattern, you’ll see some gauge information and then “Pattern Instructions”. These are not the instructions for the mitts. These are the instructions for the gauge swatch. You’ll find the instructions for each mitt a bit lower.

There are separate instructions for left and right mitt and you’ll find instructions for small, medium and large. For small and medium, you use the first pattern, switching hook size for the desired size. For large, scroll down a bit further.

Carol has started out with foundation single crochet. If you’ve never done foundation single crochet, give it a whirl! It’s easy! If you prefer the traditional chain, you can certainly do that as well. Make the same number of chains as the single crochet necessary, add one and then single crochet across. But, really, give foundation single crochet a try because it’s fabulously easy and gives a nice, stretchy base.

The only thing that could stump you is that you’re going to be turning joined rounds. Yes, you really can turn after joining. No, you don’t have to turn your work inside-out. You can just work from the inside. I know that you may not see this technique on a lot of patterns but it really does work better in some stitch patterns when you turn, even when you’ve joined.

Pick up your free crochet pattern from Carol at Sweet Potato Creations HERE.

You can visit Carol on Facebook HERE.

If you’re not familiar with Foundation Single Crochet, here’s a video of it. Carol has a cool video linked on her website on joining the last stitch to the first so be sure to check that out as well.

If you need the left-handed video, click HERE.


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