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Dedri of Look at What I Made has been working on this project for quite awhile and she released it this week. My mouth positively dropped. I’ve seen her working on the center portion throughout her blog posts. But, what she’s done to turn the circle into a square is just extraordinary. I absolutely love what she’s done in the corners and the little textured portions along the sides. This is crochet beauty, my friends. True crochet beauty. Wow!

Dedri is well known for providing fabulous photo tutorials on her blog, so you’ll be able to check out every single step of the process in making this piece. But, seriously, it’s so amazing. Dedri, please let me use it for my computer’s background!

This is the kind of crochet beauty which inspired me to build this Make It Crochet website. Thank you for your amazing talent, my dear. 🙂

Pick up your free pattern HERE.

See More of Dedri’s Work in Her New Book

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