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Free Crochet Pattern: Sunday Slippers

Strolling around the internet, I discovered these incredible slippers from Jess of Make & Do Crew. They look like something you would find at a high-end specialty shop. A pair of these would make an awesome gift. It’s such a clever design.

To make these extra special, Jess has added the leather pieces to take it up a notch; actually, several notches! Never underestimate the tremendous power of embellishment.

The pattern has instruction for everything you need to make the slippers. You can either cut out the leather to fit your own style or you can use Jessica’s templates. In order to gain access to her free templates, you’ll need to sign up to receive her password information on the template file. When I signed up, it took a couple of hours to receive it so, if you sign up right away, you’ll already have it when you get ready to use it.

Pick up your free crochet pattern at Make & Do Crew HERE.

Follow Jess on Facebook HERE and visit her Ravelry designer page HERE.


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