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Free Crochet Pattern: Sunseeker Poncho

Have you tried Cascade yarns? I’ve designed several things with their yarns and it’s outstanding. I think the most impressive thing you’ll find with Cascade is the huge range of colors. Cascade 220 has every color I can possibly imagine and then some.

While I was out and about the internet, I found this hidden gem for you on the Cascade yarns website. I rarely see these designs cross my social media path, so I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you this link of “hidden crochet gems.”

It’s possible that a lot of you have not been able to enjoy the gorgeousness of Cascade yarns because Cascade is usually only found in local yarns shops, instead of craft yarn shops. We’ve all heard the horror stories about those few yarn shops shunning crochet. Of course, most of them are perfectly heavenly, but there are those few which may keep you from visiting. I, myself, was afraid to tell one yarn shop owner my Ravelry name when I was asked. “CrochetKim” is kind of a dead give-away! ha!

Pick up your free crochet pattern download at Cascade Yarns HERE. Direct PDF


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