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Free Crochet Pattern: Tropical Delight Afghan

I love this Make It Crochet discovery from Mellie Blossom! This afghan is called Tropical Delight, was published in Herrschners Crochet Afghans, 2005 National Afghan Contest Winners and was designed by Susan A. Stevens.

Mellie enjoyed crocheting this afghan so much that she contacted Herrschners when one of her website visitors was looking for the pattern. Much to her surprise (and OUR HAPPINESS!), Herrschners has allowed her to republish the pattern on her website!*

Please be sure to follow the gauge information. Mellie indicates that the squares are worked at a tight gauge to maintain this look. And, such a beautiful look it is.

Free Crochet Pattern: Tropical Delight Afghan

Pick up your free crochet pattern download on Mellie Blossom HERE. Click on the link which says: “Tropical Delight Crochet Pattern”.

You can stay in touch with Mellie on her Facebook page HERE. Be sure to visit and click Like on her page so you can see what other fabulous projects she’s designing and stitching.

While you’re browsing around, please be sure to visit Herrschners as well to check them out. It’s the least we can do for their generosity, right?! Click HERE.


*My research indicates that Mellie was given permission to publish the original Herrschners pattern and that’s what she has published on her website. She wasn’t able to publish the extended pattern that was available in the book. It was slightly different and included some diagrams. Those aren’t included in her re-publish. She has ONLY provided the portions she was given permission to post, but it’s obviously enough to make the afghan.

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