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Free Crochet Pattern: Wish Upon A Star Blanket

You can’t go wrong with this traditional quilt style. This gorgeous baby blanket was designed by Aline Suplinskas and was originally published in the May 2010 issue of Crochet! magazine. The publisher has now made it available on their free patterns website.

The blanket is made of blocks and each block is made from a colorwork chart in Intarsia technique. You could, of course, make the entire blanket in one by duplicating the chart, but it was designed this way so you would only have one small section to complete at a time so you wouldn’t get so overwhelmed by the yarn bobbins. If you are familiar with working from charts and you would prefer to work one solid chart blanket, I see no reason why you couldn’t do that.

Since this is a blanket, you wouldn’t want to use Fair Isle technique, which would leave you with floats across the back. Floats would get caught in little toes. You probably wouldn’t want to use Tapestry technqiue either. If you carry yarn through too many stitches at a time, it will show through and, with such an expanse like this, you would also use more yarn than necessary, making your blanket thicker and stiffer than intended.

If you prefer Tunisian crochet for charts, you may want to give it a try in Tunisian. Charts are super versatile like that.

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Pick up your free crochet pattern download at the Annie’s Crafts sister site, FreePatterns (dot) com HERE. Free registration and login required.

To learn single crochet Intarsia, I’m going to direct you to a video series from Deja Jetmir of Crochet Ever After. Deja is an expert in graph colorwork and you will learn a lot in her free video classes. This video starts off with an explanation of the different colorwork techniques of Intarsia, Fair Isle and Tapestry. The actual crocheting begins at minute 9:00, if you prefer to jump over there immediately.


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