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Link Blast: 10 Free Cool Weather Wraps

With the cooler weather upon us, I wanted to share some of my favorite cooler weather wraps with you. I’m certainly a fan of crochet lace, but sometimes you need something a little more dense to keep the chill out.

1. Unchained Shawl by Jessie of Jessie At Home HERE.

2. Gradient Strips Shawl by Lily Chin for Red Heart Yarns HERE.

3. Delhi Shawl available at CrochetKim HERE.

4. Toulouse Wrap by Andrea Graciarena for Naturally Caron yarns HERE. (direct PDF)

5. Top Down Shawl by Nazanin Fard for Red Heart yarns HERE.

6. Midnight Breeze Shawl by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs HERE.

7. Country Christmas Wrap available at CrochetKim HERE.

8. Keiko Wrap available at CrochetKim HERE.

9. Ripple Wrap by Margret Willson for Caron yarns HERE.

10. Penelope Shawl by Carolyn Christmas HERE.


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