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Link Blast: 13 Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Boy Sweaters

I know you want some baby boy sweaters and there really are some free ones available!

1. Baby Jogging Suit by Kim Guzman

2. Baby Pullover by Kim Guzman

3. Striped Crochet Cardigan and Hat by Gail Tanquary

4. My Little Man Baby Sweater by Mandy Nihiser

5. Versicolor Pullover by Kim Guzman

6. Devon Striped Pullover by Kim Guzman

7. Turning Stone Baby Hoodie by Kim Guzman

8. Leaping Crochet Baby Hoodie by Tamara Kelly

9. David Peacoat by Melissa Mall

10. Baby Hoodie by Michele Maks

11. Every Day is a New Day Sweater from Yarny Days

12. Sue’s Hexagon Sweater from Needle Workers Room

13. Sweet Potato Baby Sweater by Erica Jackofsky

Enjoy! 🙂

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