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Link Blast: 21 Free Crochet Patterns for Little Girls Dresses

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Shown in collage.

Sweetie Pie Dress (up to 2 years)

Abby (up to 2 years)

Petite Mermaid Costume (up to 8 years)

Prep School Ensemble (up to 2 years)

Colleen (up to 2 years)

Little Sweetie Dress (up to 2 years)

Lindsey (up to 2 years)

Sitting Pretty (up to 2 years)

Not shown.

Sunny Day Girl’s Dress (up to 6 years)

White Cascades Dress (up to 5yo)

Granny Tunic Dress (up to 2 years)

Tulips Aplenty Jumper (up to 3T)

Ella’s Request Toddler Dress (up to 4t)

Diamond Toddler Dress (up to 2 years)

Tea Party Dress (up to 5-6 years)

Easter Dress (up to 2 years)

Peopod Baby Sundress (up to 2 years)

School Days Jumper (up to 8 years)

Summer Fields Sundress (up to 4 years)

Chrissy (up to 2 years)

Little Girl’s Shell Dress (up to 3 years)

Pom Pom Tassel Maker
Reversible Ripple Afghans Crochet Patterns

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