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Link Blast: Learn Tunisian Crochet with 20 Free Crochet Patterns

With my videos, you can be enjoying Tunisian crochet in as little as 15 minutes!

Awww…. Tunisian crochet. It’s my absolute favorite needlework method. Looking at Ravelry, even though Tunisian crochet makes up only a quarter of my body of work, I have the most Tunisian crochet patterns published than any other designer.

It is obviously my favorite and there is no denying it. I want it to be your favorite as well!

The first question I am always asked is “Why does it curl?” Yes, it curls. It curls just like knitting. It’s completely normal. But, it’s easy to combat the curl with my quick tips HERE.

The thing I hear is that “I’ve tried it and it’s boring.” Well, yes, I suppose that it can be boring, if you stick with one stitch all the time. The same is true with knitting and regular crochet. You stick with one stitch and do nothing but that one stitch all the time, then it could definitely be boring. But, thankfully, the stitches and combinations of stitches to form stitch patterns are limitless so Just Say No to Boring.

And, there is the inevitable “Tunisian crochet is stiff, bulky and dense”. To be honest, ANY needlework is stiff, bulky and dense if you work at a tight gauge. Loosen up and you’ll find that you’ll have more fun.

Lastly, we have “Tunisian crochet uses double the amount of yarn.” This myth got its start because of working at a tight gauge. The tighter you stitch, the more yarn you use. Again, loosen up! You’ll use less yarn. 🙂

Is Tunisian Crochet difficult to learn?

Tunisian crochet is certainly not at all difficult to learn. If you know how to do single crochet, you already know how to do Tunisian crochet.

Let me break it down. A single crochet is:

  1. Insert hook, yarn over, pull up a loop
  2. Yarn over, pull through two loops.

With single crochet, you do these two steps, over and over, in sequence. In Tunisian crochet, you do step 1 all the way across and then you do step 2 all the way across. It’s just single crochet in assembly-line style. Easy peasy.

Link Blast: Learn Tunisian Crochet with 20 Free Crochet Patterns

I have free online videos in Tunisian crochet, over four hours of them! I have both right- and left-handed video tutorials. And, seriously, if you will just start at the first video, you can be working in Tunisian crochet with the initial stitches in just 15 minutes. Just 15 minutes, guys! Come on. You can give me 15 minutes, right?!

Right-Handed Videos | Left-Handed Videos

Below, I’ve listed some free crochet patterns to practice your new skills because learning a new skill is fantastic, but having some patterns to use makes it more fun. You may also want to check out my books on Tunisian crochet. I’ve got lots and lots of books in this genre and you can browse them HERE.

Basketweave Wrist Warmers from Yarn Obsession

Kassie Cowl from CrochetKim

Monroe Scarf from CrochetKim

Tunisian Mock Cable Scarf with Video Tutorials

Lucia Fingerless Mitts from CrochetKim

Tunisian Coffee Cup Cozy by Danyel Pink

Tunisian Sideways Hat by Rose Powell

Chase the Chill Away Cowl from One Yarn After Another

Tunisian Rainbow Cowl by Lynn 

Three Button Wrap from The Laughing Willow

Tunisian Wrap by Marty Miller

Lacy Tunisian Scarf by Andrea Rosen

Reversible Tunisian Crochet Boot Cuffs from B.hooked Crochet

Tunisian Crochet Washcloths from My Poppet

Two Color Tunisian Potholders by Marta Chrzanowska

Tunisian Crochet Cowl from Knit 1 LA

Tunisian Knit Headband from The Laughing Willow

Tunisian Entrelac Video from Lion Brand with video tutorial

Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth by Khebhin Gibbons

3 of Heart Tunisian Kitchen Rag from MNE Crafts


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