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Link Blast: Virus Shawl Phenomenon

I would have to be living under a rock if I wasn’t aware of the mysterious Virus Shawl Phenomenon. Nearly every single day, someone in my Facebook group is asking “What is a Virus Shawl?” or “Why is it called a Virus Shawl?” or “Where can I find the pattern?”

For this reason, and to make it more convenient for my group members to get the information they are seeking, I’ve decided to put everything in the same place.

The most common question, after “Where’s the pattern?” is “Why is it called Virus?” This question, as it turns out, is very hard to discern because there are so many people who have come forward and written out the pattern from the chart which was posted in the Romanian forum in 2012.

Based on discussion in my Facebook group, I’m going to change my opinion about this. The symbol chart surfaced in 2012. In 2013, someone wrote it up in text and called it Dreieckstuch which means triangle cloth in German. In 2015, it appears that someone else decided that the shawl was going viral so they named it Virus Shawl (virus tuch) at that time. They also provided a video. Since that time, the name has become popular and probably tons easier than saying Dreieckstuch. So, it appears that in fact, someone did actually name the shawl “Virus” because it appeared to be viral on the internet. It’s not the only name, but it appears to be the most commonly used at this time. I have no idea who first started calling it Virus.

Collage Photo Credit (left-to-right, top-to-bottom): tarnishedviolet, Angie Nelson, katleigh-nc, Jonna Martinez, and Jinty Lyons.

Original Pattern

I don’t know when this chart surfaced on the internet but it was at least 2012. The earliest I could find after a quick surf was in a Romanian forum HERE. The chart was posted by KMN (at the bottom of the page). It must have come from somewhere, but I have no idea where.

Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch by Orchidee Flower

In May 2013, a pattern page was introduced on Ravelry. The maker is listed as Orchidee Flower. You can view it HERE.

On the Ravelry page, there is a link to the Facebook page which shows the same chart as above and a photo tutorial. There are authorized Swedish and Danish translations.

Dreieckstuch is German, meaning triangular scarf. Schultertuch is German for shawl or scarf.

Virus Shawl/Virustuch by Julia Marquardt

In March 2015, a different pattern page was made under the name of Julia Marquardt. (Please note that it is common for more than one designer to use a stitch pattern to make similar things. Their individual work is copyright protected. This applies to BOTH Julia Marquardt and Orchidee Flower.)

You can view the Ravelry page HERE. The pattern is available in German and English.

The ENGLISH WRITTEN TEXT INSTRUCTIONS are available HERE. Direct PDF on Google Drive.

Four video tutorials are provided from this source HERE.

Additional Video Tutorials

Renate Schattschneide. This video tutorial is in German and it can be found HERE.

Bella Coco. This is a video tutorial in English by Sarah-Jayne in the UK HERE. Being in the UK, she uses UK terms with explanation of the difference.

Jonna Martinez. Jonna has a video tutorial HERE.


There are several different variations to a theme with the Virus Shawl Phenomenon.

Virus Blanket by Jonna Martinez

Virus Blanket by Jonna Martinez. You can find this pattern on her website HERE. A video tutorial is provided. Jonna has other designs for sale featuring the Virus stitch pattern and you can see them in her Ravelry store HERE.

Straight Virus by Angie Nelson. This is the virus stitch pattern, worked in straight, turned rows. You can find it HERE.

Virus Shawl meets Deichspielerei by Angie Nelson

Virus Shawl meets Deichspielerei by Angie Nelson. Here, Angie has combined two popular patterns into one shawl. You can find it HERE.

Virus Meets Granny Shawl by Jinty Lyons. This is another combination of two stitch patterns into one shawl. You can find it HERE.

Scallop Border for Virus Shawl by Rhonda Barry Amerine. Rhonda has provided instructions for making a scalloped edge for a more finished look. You can find the instructions HERE.

Mutated Virus Shawl A and B by Linda Conlon. This is another combination shawl, using the Virus Shawl and the Yes Yes Shawl. You can find the instructions HERE.

And, I’m going to conclude this research with this gorgeous photo.

Virus Shawl by Nagax on Ravelry

This is a project from Nagax on Ravelry.

This is a comprehensive study for information on the Virus Shawl from information available to me at the time of the writing. If it’s discovered that I left something out, it’s purely unintentional.

All photos have been used with permission of their owners.


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